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Omgeo CTM is a Java-based high-availability, multi-tiered application with a JSP custom tags Struts pattern client tier and a Java Swing client tier.

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Omgeo CTM 1.0


Omgeo CTM is central to Omgeo's Intelligent Trade Management. It integrates existing, solutions onto a single technology platform to perform central trade matching, continuous enrichment from centralized standard settlement information sources, and automated settlement notification to custodians and settlement agents. Omgeo CTM offers instant community connectivity, and flexibility to leverage and supplement customer's existing infrastructure and processes.


  • Advance towards the industry-wide goal of straight-through processing by automating trade confirmation process.
  • Achieve effective data management - add centralized standard or pre-agreed trade data and add real-time to trades, reducing costs and risks of trade failure.
  • Increase operational efficiency and reduce risk - reduce manual intervention through exception processing.
  • Improved same-day affirmation rates providing preparation for future reduced settlement time frames and increased volumes.
  • Instant connectivity with established trading community.
  • On time trade settlement, with early settlement notification.

Central Trade Manager Demo

When I conceived the Omgeo CTM Application user interface, it was with the design goal of facilitating Trade Exception Handling. I created and organized screen elements designed to assist the user for instant pinpointing of exception conditions with just a quick glance. I drew on my electronics engineering background, inspired by annunciation dashboard panels installed in command center facilities such as nuclear power station control rooms.

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Demo Instructions

To walk through the demo, click inside the red boxes to populate the input fields and drive the screen flow. Mousing over certain red boxes will reveal trade scenario boxes - click inside the scenario box to view the interactive scenario. Note that the browser window in the demo window is scrollable. Try mousing over various fields to reveal more information.
Best viewed in Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

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